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Posted By: Don Firth
28-Jul-03 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: guitar nut/neck size
Subject: RE: guitar nut/neck size
Murray, what I probably should have said was that Sam Radding was one of the guys who taught Bob Taylor. Everybody picks up their knowledge from a variety of places, but usually one source predominates. I tend to think that Radding probably had the strongest influence on him. Taylor was trying to make guitars and kept dropping into Sam's shop to show him what he had done and ask him for advice. Sam eventually took him on as an employee. We don't have an apprentice system in this country like they do in Spain, for example (where most of the best guitar makers begin as somebody's apprentice and learn the trade by observing and working with the "master"), but considering that Taylor was only eighteen years old when he went to work for Sam, I would say that the relationship was comparable.

Some information Here. Relevant material starts at about the ninth paragraph.

Not that I'm necessarily trying to sell Go guitars for Sam, but I would say that anyone who wants a small, convenient travel-type guitar with a surprisingly big sound for its size and a tone that starts good and only improves with time ought to give these a look.

Various models. And photos of the Go guitar under construction. Reviews.

Okay. Back to the discussion.

Don Firth