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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
26-Jul-03 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Doing your Part
Subject: RE: BS: Doing your Part
" In a garbage bag at the dump it won't BREAKDOWN and it will take up space forever!"

Bollock! Everything bio-degrades eventually... The problem with landfills is not that there is garbage going into them, it's that it's going in faster than it can degrade...

And well, quite frankly, as 'In the right place' as home recylcing has it's heart, it's industry that is really generating the majority of the waste that 'could' be recycled... Home recycling is a 'feel good' program that really has very little impact...

Cast your votes by only purchasing things made from recycled materials... support those companies who DO 'clean package' and such... that'll do more for the envoirnment than sorting your papper and cans ever will...