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Posted By: mg
26-Jul-03 - 11:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Doing your Part
Subject: RE: BS: Doing your Part
I'm pretty good. I try to clean with steam when I can to reduce chemicals, paper towels, rags, etc. I don't have a washing machine here..I can of course wash in sink...

I just bought a steam buggy for Sunnycamp. Had some complaints about the kitchen last year.  It's not as powerful a steamer as I would like but better than the little hotshot I have. I also try to dry clothes outside and try to only turn minimal heat on between November and February. I live in a coastal climate.

What else..helps I am not a clothes horse..less to keep up with. I've pared down possessions pretty well. Quite often have lived without a car although I just got one again.

Some things I ponder: this whole Œndfill thing really bothers me. What a recipe for ecological and epidemiological disaster. Why don't we insist on separation of garbage? Some that they won't take for recycling could be burned safely I would thin?>=>=>=>=pizza boxes etc...they have highly sophisticated incenators that capture almost everything dont they?????

Also, this flush toilet thing...doesn't make sense to me.

Also, why do planes have to fly so dang high? Why can't we have something like a hovertrain??????

Why do people who can afford it not put in their own solar panels, windmills, etc. And why are they always moaning about hooking up to the power grid? That also sounds like a recipe for a disaster. Just take care of yourself and don't try to get money back by feeding electricity in at this point of the situation.

Also, I love the idea of solar candles. LIke the solar lights you leave in your garden but you take them in. Anyone who comes to Sunnycamp and can bring some of those if you have them, please do...

Why do we allow baby diapers in land fills? Kitty litter?

Why don't we allow clothes to go into Mexico so people can make a bit of money or clothe orphans etc...? There have been some stupid rules about that.

Why, when Mexican kids are shoeless, do we have tires in our landfills that could be cut into sandals?

Why, when so much of the world is without computers, do we have landfills full of them?????/