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Posted By: Grab
25-Jul-03 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: string buzz on a dobro
Subject: RE: string buzz on a dobro
If it's like my Regal metal-body, the front "colander" cover-plate rattles on the body - sounds a bit like string buzz, but it isn't. It was a right pain.

I solved that on mine by removing the cover-plate and very carefully applying a thin layer of mastic on the back of the cover-plate where the plate and body touch. I used masking tape to keep the mastic where I wanted it (ie. in a quarter-inch band just inside the rim), and smoothed it off so there was just a thin layer there about the thickness of a bit of thick paper or thin card (note - keep lots of kitchen roll and old newspaper around to wipe off excess). When it had skinned, I carefully removed the masking tape, then I left it to dry. Once it was totally dry, I refitted the cover-plate, and that completely stopped my rattles. Note that you *must* get it smooth, and you *must* leave it to dry. If it's not smooth then the plate won't fit properly, and if you don't leave it to dry then you'll squeeze mastic all over the front of the guitar when you put the plate back on.

Be warned that if you get a bit of mastic on the cover-plate where you don't want it, leave it to set! If you've got a thick bit, it's easy to remove with a sharp knife. What's impossible to get off is if you try to clean it off while it's still runny and smear a thin layer across the surface.