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Posted By: GUEST
25-Jul-03 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: guitar nut/neck size
Subject: RE: guitar nut/neck size
Me I like a wider nut with correspondingly wider string spacing when using finger & thumb picks for ragtime & blues.There is room, I dont keep snaggling up my fingers or the picks. But I have diiferent guitars for different purposes, no one guitar seems to be just right for the broad range of styles I play. I have a Telecaster and that has the silliest narrow width,but you CAN get used to playing them all but you need to conciously "adjust" BOTH R & L hands to compensate when moving from one instrument to another. I also play mandolin and I don't find it hard to move from that to a guitar and back again in the course of a set. The trouble is that it takes weeks,even months of regular playing to really decide whether you really like a particular instrument - the time spent trying them out in shops really is'nt sufficient to make the right decision.