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Posted By: syren
25-Jul-03 - 03:46 AM
Thread Name: First Songs You Performed
Subject: RE: First Songs You Performed
Oh boy! I grew up in the theater, both parents actors, singers, dancers, and all 5 of us kids were in any show that called for kids. I was always part of the chorus, except for a production of Carousel, and I had to start the first verse of "When You Walk Thru A storm". The rest of the chorus came in on the second that was the first time. I wasn't too nervous because I was into the story. I think I was about 14. After that, in high school, junior year, my friend and I performed in a school talent show as "Yacky and Doodle".....she played guitar and we sang The Cruel War. Somehow, that was far more nerve wracking than being on stage with a whole crowd. Years later the very first song I ever sang with Bob Kotta was a Gilbert & Sullivan song, "I have A Song To Sing-Oh". It was totally imnpromptu, we were across the room from each other but the room went silent and it was magic. It got a huge ovation and became a favorite request and because of that song, I was asked to join the band. And that was when the stage fright really set in! Knee shaking, heart racing, sick to the stomach, terrifing stage fright! I had to hold on to a table and close my eyes! Took me a good 6 months to loosen up! I had two songs besides the duet with Bob, My Boy Willie and North Country Maid. Can still sing them both, but don't many songs to sing, so little time!
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