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Posted By: PoppaGator
24-Jul-03 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: Ban which instruments @ song circles
Subject: RE: Ban which instruments @ song circles
The acoustic bass guitar is an instrument I'm not at all familiar with -- I can't imagine that it would generate enough volume to be of much use except for practice, or for playing with just one or two other *quiet* instruments.

When I use the phrase "acoustic bass," I'm referring to the good old-fashioned standup bass fiddle, a rather ungainly and increasingly rare instrument. I would imagine that any such bass would *always* be welcome; anyone with a serious enough commitment to own one of those big boys could probably be counted upon to be a serious player.

Another type of acoustic bass is the homemade washtub (or, to you Brits, tea-chest) bass -- perhaps the only instrument more ungainly than the real bass fiddle. I made one for myself years ago, and if I say so myself got some real music out of it -- unlike most tub thumpers I've seen, who often use it only for percussion, not doing much of a job at playing actual bass notes.

I wonder how you all would feel about the unsolicited appearance of a washtub player. I have observed no pre-emptive objections as for the shaky egg and the bodhran -- but maybe that's only because it's not so *commonly* intrusive.

(By the way, there are a number of interesting web sites about the construction and playing of washtubs and other huomepun instruments. I don't know the URLs offhand, but I found them thanks to kinks from Mudcat threads within the last six months or so, so you should be able to find them either by searching the Forum or by Googling directly to the internet.)