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Posted By: Ed.
23-Jul-03 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: Learning to play the guitar
Subject: RE: Learning to play the guitar
Pretty much what everyone else says.

If, as C-flat suggests, you can take someone who already plays along with you when you buy your guitar, do so. The 'action' (basically how close the strings are to the neck and how 'playable' it is) is an important consideration, whatever price range you are looking at, and something that you won't be able to judge as a non player.

Also, if you have the money, buy an electronic tuner, they're not expensive. For a beginner, tuning can be very frustrating, and playing out of tune will put you off more than anything.

You don't mention what type of music you like/want to play so it's hard to recommend videos/books etc

As PoppaGator says, go for books that have songs you love in them.

Good luck!

and don't get too downhearted if you haven't figured out your first three chords in two days, as Amos (IMO rather optimistically) suggests