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Posted By: GUEST,chip2447
23-Jul-03 - 04:52 AM
Thread Name: Ban which instruments @ song circles
Subject: RE: Ban which insturments @ song circles
All things in moderation, otherwise you might as well claim to be music hypocrites. It's not about the instrument in question, its about everyone having a good time. If said electrified musicians can cooperate and maintain a nice volume, I.E. work and play well with others then I dont see a problem with it.

Scabby Doug, you need to get out more, and broaden your horizons. Being one of those dreaded Ocarina players that you despise I feel like I need to inform you that there is more to an oc than meets the eye. Yes, there are hoo hoo hooters out there, but there are also some very talented players, playing very nice high quality, properly tuned instruments. Should you care to PM me I can provide you with several links to OUTSTANDING oc players...