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Posted By: GUEST,Boab D
20-Jul-03 - 03:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Moral Courage: Bush and Blair. Thanks!!!
Subject: RE: BS: Moral Courage: Bush and Blair. Thanks!!!
Well the only think linking these words are bush is joined to blair and its all sexuall. Cant be anything else can it cos Bush isn't really clever enough to have a conversation with Blair never mind dictate the foreign policy of the uk. However I think that Mr Blair has the whole world fooled and he's the one pulling the strings on both sides of the pond. Think about it. Here is a man who is trying to be this big international mediator cant be seen to be a war monger so he goes and see's his daft wee pal(well he knows a dafty)in bush tells him a wee story and voila there you have america leading the war effort with the british conveniantly behind them no matter what. Then when all the post conflict stuff comes out into the open guess what happens. Oh My Goodness All the information came from Tony Blair because america were to stupid to gather there own inteligence. Now we have people killing them selves people dying for the right thing and people living in terror. But hey at leats America has there greedy hands on the oil that they so need.
Bring the troops hame and let the world sort its own affairs as we have enough poverty in each of our countries with out taking on everyone elses shit.