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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
19-Jul-03 - 03:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stuff left out of Harry Potter
Subject: RE: BS: Stuff left out of Harry Potter
Captain Thunderpants is another one that got made into a film - starring Ron Weasley looking very strange as a egghead.

If the book is banned, how will the little darlings be able to read it?

But I agree, get into the habit of reading now, and the classics can come later, although that spawns a whole new thread, what do you consider a classic children's book?

Reading is a learned response and a habit. They read at school because they have to, at home because they want to. Bratling has seen Manitas and I with a book so often that it's considered normal behaviour to read at home. Our house is full of books, there isn't a room that doesn't have at least one bookshelf full to overflowing, including the bathroom (poetry - people spent entirely too long in there reading long novels, poems are usually shorter). Bratling's nearly finished an Enid Blyton compilation of the Wishing Chair stories, a book thicker than most Bibles! And still, people look amazed when they see her sitting in a corner with a book. I pity them because they've ovbiously learned that reading books stops when you leave school.