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Posted By: GUEST,James H. Silver
15-Jul-03 - 03:00 PM
Thread Name: Tuning an autoharp
Subject: RE: Tuning an autoharp.......
The Boss TU-12H chromatic tuner has been my favourite for tuning autoharps over the years if they have a built in pickup or if you have access to a contact mike to to use along with the tuner. There is
nothing better than a well trained ear on acoustic autoharps. Tune from a well tuned piano or guitar.   This has been and still is my favourite method. Just a note. Autoharps like all instruments are affected by atmospheric conditions and although not necessarily out of tune will be up or down in pitch and will not correspond well with instruments such as guitars or violins that have been tuned recently at 440. Autoharp must be raised or lowered to match the pitch if you are using fixed pitch instruments such as a piano or accordion. Easiest solution is to slightly raise or lower the pitch of easier tuned instruments such as guitars etc to match the autoharp. We used an autoharp in the group for several years. It was a pain in the but for this reason as we used a diatonic accordion and problem of pitch came into play constantly. Hope this adds a bit of info for you.