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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Jul-03 - 10:50 PM
Thread Name: Tuning an autoharp
Subject: RE: Tuning an autoharp.......
You might be interested in looking at Tuner Problem, where a difficulty with tuning an autoharp was apparently traced to a mismatch between the new tuner and the clip-on contact pickup being used.

The relatively cheap Korg was giving different readings using the built in mike vs. using the clip on. Problem solved by getting a Korg pickup to match the Korg tuner.

Shops in my area tend to carry only the cheapest and occasionally the most expensive tuners, but there are quite a few "in-betweens" you might want to consider.

I've had good luck with a couple of kinds of Korg. They seem to post the most complete specs, so you might want to browse their selection, even if you're considering something else.

If you need to select for UK or US, you can start at the Korg Homepage and make the selection. If you get a "you are here" when you hover your mouse over the country/language of choice, you can go directly to "Gear" on the upper left, and then select "tuners."

In the US, this takes you to Korg Tuners, where you'll find about 10 tuners and one pickup in the current lineup.

I'm saving up for an OT-12, but it's about $130 US list. There seem to be quite a few web sellers where you can get it for about $90 (plus shipping, of course).

Regardless of what tuner you choose, the phenomenon described in the thread noted above would suggest that you get a pickup that's matched to the tuner - probably easiest if you buy them together.