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Posted By: Billy the Bus
14-Jul-03 - 10:32 PM
Thread Name: Tuning an autoharp
Subject: RE: Tuning an autoharp.......
Bert & Bill, do they really have electronic tuner thingies for Autoharps? Mary, all you need is a 'good ear' - which is why I got mine touched up by the visiting piano-tuner - if it needed it or not, Sinsull ... ;)

Here's to 'Mother Maybelle' and Bradley Kincaid. Let's not forget Mike Seeger - who's the only person I ever saw play the old Chinese folksong 'Tu Ning' by ear, on stage, on autoharp. It took him something like 10 secs of tweak, and he was right back into it.

Mary, best of luck. It's a fine instrument, used by some fine singers to tell some fine ballads - but it's a sod of a thing to tune.

Cheers - Sam