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Posted By: Mark Clark
06-Jul-03 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: Learning and remembering the words..
Subject: RE: Learning and remembering the words..
Like some of the others here, I learned lyrics faster when I was younger but I still seem to be able to learn a three verse song while driving to a session. I print the words and keep them on the seat beside me. I work to sing the song without referring to the lyrics and keep a mental note of the lines where memory is weak then come back and work on those.

If the lyrics make sense—have some imperative sequence—learning them is much easier. The hardest to learn are those songs in which all the lines and many of the words seem arbitrary and interchangeable. In a blues, where each verse often stands alone, I just sing them in the order in which they occur to me. These days I can remember the lyrics if someone else can remember that the song exists. I tend to lose a mental link to the song even though I remember all the lyrics and arrangement details.

I also think there may be a perception component, if that is the right word. If your perception is that you are someone memorizing a performance, it will be harder to learn and to retain. If your perception is that you are a performer and the song is a natural component of you, the memorization comes more easily and you will never forget it.

One suggestion: Try out for suitable roles at your local community theater. The pressure created by the impending public performance and the determination not to let your fellow actors down can help you get the lines memorized. Once you've done a few plays, you will have created a memorization style that should be useful in learning songs. You'll also have spent more time in front of an audience and increased your comfort level on stage.

You are extensible. Learn by extending the person you are becoming.

      - Mark