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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
27-Jun-03 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: What is a 'furtive Jodrell'?
Subject: RE: Folklore: What is a 'furtive Jodrell'?
A quick check of the DT fails to bring up a certain "Rugby" song, but there is one which not only uses 'Wank' rather than any euphamism, but also manages to use "Barclay'ed" for the past tense. IIRC

In Market Street Manchester, one summer's night
There was only one cab in the rank.
The driver was reading "The News Of The World"*
While quietly enjoying a wank
He was dreaming that Venus was kissing his penis,
His hand moved so fast it perspired.
When a waitress named Lena, with tits like Sabrina*
Came over and gently enquired
"How much will you charge me to Oldham?"
The cab driver nearly dropped dead.
So great was his shock, he let go of his cock,
And Barclayed his gear knob instead.
"That's alright, quite alright, I'm not busy tonight.
So I won't charge you nothing to hold 'em,
If I can hold yours as well"

*News Of The World: a down market Sunday 'News' paper (All the news that isn't fit to print)
*Sabrina: well endowed actress seen as a glamourous member of the Sixth Form in "Blue Murder at St Trinians"