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Posted By: Strick
30-May-03 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
Subject: RE: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
"I like yours too, a little, but don't think it bears out since liberals usually object to predictable or actual consequences more than remarks, per se, and conservatives stereotypically reserve the right to plead good intentions no matter what those results are."

My experience with liberals is different, but I'm a veteran of different wars in different places. And both sides reserve the right to plead good intentions no matter what those results are.

As to the airwaves, they are less limited than they used to be. Innovation has made most of the regulations related to spacing stations and the like very obsolete. Think about it, the Internet has limited bandwidth, but it gets by with standards instead of regulation. Regardless, your stongest argument against the market is the horror of Clear Channel broadcasting "All American Idol Music All The Time". It's an ecomonically sound result but not socially acceptable.

I'm radical in thinking that the danger is in bigness itself. I don't care if Clear Channel or Microsoft use their power benevolently. In the same way that military analysts measure another military power's capabilities rather than their intentions (allies can become enemies, after all), the very fact they have so much power demands some counter balancing force however you do it.

Anyway, I agree with your contention that the market often reaches suboptimal solutions (as the melancholy Scot how first described pointed out himself). At least for now, the issue is not in finding al alternative to capitalism, but when and how to respond to the madness. I prefer to think for myself and not fret how anyone labels me or themselves when looking at potential solutions.