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Posted By: Sam L
30-May-03 - 06:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
Subject: RE: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
Not my favorite, just one I like. I like yours too, a little, but don't think it bears out since liberals usually object to predictable or actual consequences more than remarks, per se, and conservatives stereotypically reserve the right to plead good intentions no matter what those results are. How about this one? Liberals in American politics really don't offer any compelling practical alternative vision, only limitations on the capitalist vision. (So I suppose I agree with John H that it's a matter of degree, but disagree in regard to what.) Thus liberals are more insistant and morally clear when not in power, less so when they actually have to steer. It's easier to blame conservatives for the failings of capitalism than to do anything else, or live any other way.

You're better informed on telecommunications than I, and I'll have to think about how it changes things since radio is free, and there are inherent reasons it has to be regulated at least in terms of limited airwave spots. I'm not sure what I think.

   But without apology I really do think my theory explains it better, and do prefer it, and don't think it puts all the weight of moral culpability on John Hardly, or on one side or another. And I thought some of my remarks conceded that. Nor do I put all the weight on both extremes, and feel quite righteous in the middle of the road.

The best I can wind this up is to say that I'm a liberal because I refuse to believe in the proposal and implications of capitalism, philosophically, although I didn't mean to say that that in itself lets me off the hook, in the least, since I live by it anyway, and on a global measure am just another wealthy white man. (You can always blame the next rung up the ladder.) The fact that it's the best I can do, practically, doesn't change my mind about what I do, philosophically. It's the niceness I object to. The idea that one can feel right anywhere in it. I don't think it's clear, or true.

It's a very interesting topic, and I appreciate your discussing it with me--I was afraid I'd killed it.