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Posted By: Sam L
29-May-03 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
Subject: RE: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
Strick, well, I may be wrong, it happened once before, I was nine, and it really upset me. But I was talking about liberals and conservatives--the democrats lost me at "new democrat" and I'm still a liberal if I voted Dole.

Clearly I found John H's comments the most interesting here, as I have before in similar threads, and have used them as a framework to work on my own more narrow theory. Somewhere I think I said I don't really know what conservatives think, but it seems to me....

    You're using "values" in a different sense, to beg the question. I obviously don't mean economies are based on values in the sense of particularly positive social values. But coca-cola may be the most successful commercial product, and nobody really needs it, and it's usually an aquired taste. What does that say? The values I suggest in theory account for what I mean, not contradict it.

   I'm not sure what stereotype I project in the reasons I prefer my theory to John H's, or why it seems to you I presume to know what you in particular think. I don't. I don't know what stereotype you mean. But here's one I like. Whenever you explain any reasonable cause for opposing the direction of conservative policy, a conservative will always find a way to take your remarks the wrong way, as foul, personal, out of bounds, un-called for, what have you. I say it was inside the line, between the posts, above the waist, and all that.