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Posted By: Little Hawk
27-May-03 - 09:18 PM
Thread Name: Review: A Mighty Wind Poll
Subject: RE: Review: A Mighty Wind Poll
I'll give it a 7.5. The reason that Dylan, Baez, Collins, and all those types were ignored was because it wasn't about the kind of music they did. Not even vaguely. The kind of music it was about was already obsolete by 1962, killed deader than last week's pizza by Dylan and his contemporaries...thank God!

Mitch and Mikki have been compared to Ian & Sylvia, but it's not a very apt comparison. They (Ian & Sylvia) were among those contemporaries of Dylan's I mentioned above, and they did a lot of very good material. It was assisted by the fact that they actually (gasp!) rehearsed!!! This was relatively rare amongst their peers at the time, apparently.

There was a pair from South Africa, called Marais & Miranda, in the earlier folk period but they weren't much like Mitch and Mikki either. I'd say that Mitch and Mikki are a thing unto themselves, although Mikki is admittedly similar in appearance to Sylvia (and Catherine O'Hara plays the part magnificently).

- LH