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Posted By: Alex
25-Jul-97 - 11:01 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cod Liver Oil
Subject: RE: Cod Liver Oil
The Palais was a dance hall where folks went to meet. At the time the song was written, The Gorbals was a slum district of Glasgow - the old tennements have now been razed. In each stairwell of a tennement, there was a common toilet, known as a "Cludgy" - an onomatopoeic word which decribed the noise it made when it was flushed. (Victorian area toilets had a water tank about 7 feet above the bowl and a chain and handle hung down from the tank to operate it. When you pulled the chain - there was a mechanical "Cludge" - the "Clank" was dampened by the water and then a "Cheeee" as the water flowed down - hence the "CLUDGEE")