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Posted By: Joe Offer
23-May-03 - 12:33 AM
Thread Name: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
Subject: RE: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
There's a thread about a new CD from Hesperis here (click).

Here's the announcement from Hesperis:

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Posted By: hesperis

22-May-03 - 07:22 AM

Thread Name: Hesperis releases CD

Subject: Hesperis releases CD


Due to the cdbaby deal that is on until the end of the month, I decided to stop "procrastinating" by trying to get certain songs "perfect" in order to get them on the CD at the quality I want, and instead release an album with a different lineup than I originally intended. So, my one-woman band, Between the Worlds, is starting to burn CDs tomorrow of the first album, "ONE".

It's named ONE because it's the first album, but also because it is a collection of songs and instrumentals that come from the heart, from the One that sustains us all.

The songs are pretty magical, and the album flows well. Several pieces have traditional or modern Sacred Circle Dances for them, and the dance notes and lyrics will be put up on the band website as soon as I get a domain and get the site done.

1. Stillness Within [3:11]
2. Lament for Flute [1:17]
3. Undersea Quiet [1:30]
4. Skylark [2:56]
5. Midwives [2:14]
6. Seal Woman [5:22]
7. Abundant Harvest [4:32]
8. Life Lives On [4:49]
9. ANRUKIMLO [1:45]
10. Joy of Angels [1:50]

Midwives is a traditional tune from Romania, I think.

Skylark has been heard by anyone who bought the Mudcat CD collection, and this album has three songs with my singing in them if you want to hear more of my voice. ;)

Seal Woman is a song about an Inuit legend. Folkies who like Native American influences will love this one.

ANRUKIMLO was named for the initials of the Nine Gods and Goddesses of the world I invented when I was seven years old, and this piece is very powerful and richly textured.

Joy of Angels is a merry, toe-tapping tune that should probably be traditional! It's original as far as I know, however it is in an older style, almost medieval.

I'm posting this thread to let you folks know about my CD, and also to ask how many CDs I should send to CDBaby on Wednesday. So if you want to order one from CDBaby in June, please PM or post. It will be $12.95 plus shipping at CDBaby. Thanks!

Blessed Be,