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Posted By: mg
21-May-03 - 10:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
Subject: RE: BS: Conservative, Liberal, or Human Being?
well, perhaps I can help here.

I want money to go to poor people and developing countries to help them become self sufficient. I don't want money to go to crooks, drug users and dealers, and programs that don't work. I want tasks to also go to the poor people and the people of developing countries, so that they exchange something of their labor and talent in receiving this money. They can work in day care centers, paint schools, rake leaves, whatever. I don't want my money spent in discriminating against fathers and driving them out of housing projects, etc.

I want natural beauty saved for future generations...but I don't think every twig that falls has to stay in place till a forest fire gets it. I don't think that everyone who is offended by clear cuts should have precedence over the livelihood of those who make their living in forestry. I don't think that we should throw away perfectly good hatchery salmon when people are hungry.

I want my tax dollars to chase and catch and neutralize the bad guys/gals. For every bit of social disturbance that is caused by poverty, there is a poverty that is caused by the social disturbance. Break the cycle.

I want schoolchildren to have a good education, including the arts, and really really including vocational education. We are "educating them to be useless" as a college dean said. I also want them to behave and not to abuse each other, engage in risky practices, have illigetimate babies, use drugs etc.

I think the wealthy should pay more and the working poor should be paying fewer taxes. I have never ever complained about any taxes I pay. I think the whole tax mess should be cleaned up and tax schemes should be abolished.