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Posted By: greg stephens
13-May-03 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK hay fever/tree pollen now?
Subject: BS: UK hay fever/tree pollen now?
Talking with people all over the country in the last week, it seems there has been a huge widepspread recent epidemic of snotty noses, sinuses, swollen eyes etc etc. The first few people I talked to suggested possible rape seed, but I now find loads of peple talking about it who live in cities a long way from rape fields. One theory is tree pollen in the last few weeks. A lot of people say they are worse than usual, or earlier than usual, in terms of hay fever. and some people are suffering who dont get hay fever normally. Any theories?? Anybody got any medical information?
There was a big drought in March...could this have had something to do with it?