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Posted By: John Hindsill
11-Jul-99 - 10:46 PM
Thread Name: nursery rhymes-Did You Teach 'Em To Your Kids?
Subject: RE: Did You Teach 'Em To Your Kids?

As a wee child in the early 1940s I used to be read from (and read) the Childcraft books. This series had volumes of nursery rhymes, myths, legends, poems and stories. I delighted in them. When my son was born I bought a complete, used 1941 edition for him. I read to him, and as he learned to read he read them [gee, sounds like deja vu]. It didn't help! As he grew older his literature became fantasy books and computer games like Zork.

He has graduated university and is long out on his own, but he could not recite a nursery rhyme or a kids' poem if his life depended on it. Just as with folk music, kids' lit. changes; so don't do any mea culpas.---John