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Posted By: Marje
18-Apr-03 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: Singing in dialect
Subject: RE: Folklore: Singing in dialect
It grates on my ears when I hear people straining to put on an accent (ususally Irish, Scots or American) that doesn't come naturally to them. If you do have several accents that you can slip in and out of (and many of us have lived in enough different places for this to be the case) that's another matter, but to hear my English friends adopting stage-Irish accents makes me feel uncomfortable, and reminds me a bit of white men blacking up to be nigger-minstrels and putting on fake Alabama accents.

Last night I was in a session where an English guy sang "Farewell Muirsheen Durkin", a song that's done to death by Plastic Paddy bands, but he sang it in more or less his own accent, in a way that sounded very natural, and I really enjoyed it, instead of cringing at the mock-Irishness it's usually subjected to.

When Irish or American people sing English songs, it's quite the other way about - not only do they not attempt an English accent, they usually claim the song is Irish. But that's another argument entirely....