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Posted By: InOBU
18-Apr-03 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone in contact with Steve Sedburry?
Subject: BS: Anyone in contact with Steve Sedburry?
Steve! If you are out there, or anyone who may know him... I have noticed, as another Mudcatter has, that you have not posted since two of us challenged your evangelical posts. I want you to know that I did not do so to shake your beliefs, but to have you consider that no one faith may have the totality of God's love and God's ear. I mean no disrespect, but rather invite you to concider the lack of respect for others that saying Christians are the only ones for whom God cares. I want to assure you all the mudcatters I know, welcome a lively respectful exchange of ideas and miss your presence, in fact,I find that spiritual beliefs that are different from my own help me to understand that light within and keep me listening to that still small voice... so make a little noise and let us know you are still out there...