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Posted By: GUEST,Boab
17-Apr-03 - 02:19 AM
Thread Name: Singing in dialect
Subject: RE: Folklore: Singing in dialect
As a Scot,I think I have always managed to make a reasonable attempt at singing Irish [particularly of the North] and English [again of the North!] songs. I lived and worked for many years in Northumberland, and revelled in the wondrous wealth of folk song and music there. There is one phenomenon which at first consideration seems strange; almost every Scot [or Britisher, for all I know--]who has or has had familiarity with the music scene can "turn on" an American singing voice almost at will.An amusing incident of a couple of years back; I had been a regular attender at our local pub in B.C. and was pretty well used to being asked to repeat every damn' thing I said---my Scots accent, and the dialect too, never has lost one iota of its broad Ayrshire content. Then one night I was persuaded to do something that I had always avoided like the plague---I was coaxed into a "karaoke" spot! So---I pored thro' the list. Ah!---Hank Williams, "Cheatin' Heart"---pure Glesca country and western! So I sang. All the guys an' gals were flabbergasted; "You sang in CANADIAN!!" was one wee lassie's amazed comment. Funny that---we can all "sing in Canadian" --but we sure as heck cannae SPEAK it! I expect it all stems from the fact that auld Sods like me were weaned on Gene Autry, Buck Jones and the Three Stooges.....