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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
08-Apr-03 - 07:26 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: A Handful of Songs (Tommy Steele)
Subject: Lyr Add: A HANDFUL OF SONGS (Jerry Rasmussen)
I thought the song I wrote was already in the DT. Here are the words... slightly different than posted in this thread:

(Jerry Rasmussen)

All that I have is my Grandfather's hammer
And his old railroad watch, with the casing all worn
And the bible my Grandmother bought her last Christmas
That she gave to my Mother, now she's passed it on

      Some may leave money from a lifetime of savings
      Some just their name on a marble stone
      It's not what you leave, it's the joy of remembering
      And all I can leave you is a handful of songs

Some may leave stories, well tuned in the telling
Some may leave jokes that can still make you laugh
Some may leave lessons, hard in the learning
And some just a smile in an old photograph

How many days slip away without notice?
How many friends have you lost on the way?
How many good times are taken for granted
And only remembered when they've passed away?

My mother's Mother died on the operating table just before Christmas, when my Mother was about 11 years old. Before she went in for the operation, my Grandmother bought bibles for all eight kids for Christmas and wrote a loving inscription inside. She wasn't there to give the presents that Christmas, but my Mother always treasured the bible as the last gift she received from her Mother. Many years ago, my Mother passed it on to me. And, I still have my Grandfather's hammer and his old railroad watch.

The second verse was written, thinking of my friend Art Thieme and all of his wonderful stories, tall tales, jokes and terrible puns. That's a wonderful legacy to leave.

I have recorded the song on Handful of Songs on my own label.