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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
08-Apr-03 - 05:57 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Greensleeves - parodies
Subject: Lyr Add: Parody of Greensleeves (Ice Cream Song)
Similar to the version requested by JennieG:

GREENSLEEVES (The Ice Cream Song)
(Author unknown)

Alas good folk you do me wrong
To show such animosity,
You ate my food now despise my song
The beautiful evergreen Greensleeves.

Sweet and pure was the tune I played
As I passed each road, with my ice cream load,
That noise I made was my mark of trade
I was known by the tune of Greensleeves.

The housewife cheered when I first appeared
And she went no more to the corner store
Now angry cries stop my enterprise
And my little machine that plays Greensleeves.

A year ago there was wild acclaim
And the children ran to my ice-cream van
But the Beatles came and, I fell from fame
With my 16th century Greensleeves.

At last the 'News' aired the people's views
Ice cream shops swear I played unfair,
With much debate councils sealed my fate
Put an end to my playing of Greensleeves.

With a bit of luck I can sell each truck
And a rival team buys unused ice cream
But it's really hell when you're trying to sell
One hundred machines that play Greensleeves.

Notes: To the obvious tune; this version was copied from the 'Bangor Song Book', produced by the Scout & Guide club of the University college of North Wales (published 1970)