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Posted By: Abby Sale
04-Apr-03 - 11:39 PM
Thread Name: womens role in folk clubs
Subject: RE: womens role in folk clubs

I think your recaps/summaries are excellent. I think that, since you raised the question, if you're satisfied with your understanding of the answers, then that's that. Clearly, there is much diversity and there was more in the 60's/70's. Also, clearly, the roles of the sexes have changed.

Recalling that our form of folk club only dates from the 1950's, there's been quite a lot of change. This is a natural evolution. Ebb & flow. Over the years-centuries-millennia the composition (demographics) of participants of many occupations & avocations has often changed. Street roller skaters are far more likely to be adults than children. Telephone operators were once 100% male; then 100% female; now, I suppose, 90% computers. Further, women take a more assertive role in much of life at this particular moment of time than they did 30 years ago. Generally there has always been a distinction of the tasks normal to each sex. The specific tasks have changed, though.

A hard answer for folk clubs could only be achieved with an extensive sociological study around the world of what men & women actually do in clubs as well as what they are perceived by other club members to be doing. Probably not worth it.

I was actually a respondent in a similar study several years ago. They were examining the breakdown of household decision-making in America. I thought our own household was pretty standard and I said so. I explained that my wife handled the day-to-day, routine household decisions and I had to take care of the important ones.   Well, they asked just which ones my wife handled.   I explained, you know, the easy routine ones - where to live, how many children to have, what kind of job I should take, how to handle our retirement planning - that stuff, the day-to-day things.   So they asked what decisions I made and I told them - the important ones. What sort? Well, who should be president, what should be taught in schools, whether to go to war, who should be in the European Union - that sort of thing.