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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
04-Apr-03 - 12:23 PM
Thread Name: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
Subject: RE: Sign a E Petition to 10 Downing St PELs
"To clarify the matter further, we would expect the licensing authority to exercise this discretion as it currently does in regard to public entertainment licensing.'"

What the hell does that mean? I seem to remember that, under pressure from the Shambles, Weybridge Council went on record as saying that their legal section instructed them that they don't have any discretion in regard to public entertainment licensing.

From what Howells says it sounds as if, so long as other people are enjoying what they hear enough to come to hear it, rather than go somewhere else or stay at home, it won't make any difference if the players are making the music for their own enjoyment, it won't count as "incidental".

Assuming the MPs crawl into the lobby they are told to, we have to hope that the Lords dig their heels in and insist on the important amendments, leaving the Government with the choice between giving in and dropping the whole Bill, and starting all over again.