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Posted By: Bob Bolton
03-Apr-03 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Oz catters meet at Easter?
Subject: RE: Oz catters meet at Easter?

JennieG: I had made out a badge for you - I knew you would be there ... and doing a volunteer stint. If you put the caravan where it was last year, you'll be well at home ... on the fringes of the (mostly ex-)Bankstown Mob ... the cluster around Ralph Pride and his girls' tents.

Most of that group used to hang around in "Mitzi's" Coffee Shop ... next to the "Torch" Newspaper office ... in the 1960s. They will be down there early too, as most of them are doing pre-Festival volunteer jobs.

I'll be arriving around Monday, since I'm hoping to get in some research time at the National Library and look in on some of Rob Willis's recording work. (And I will be in a shiny new Subaru ... which I pick up in 3 hour's time!)

Yorkshire Tony: I'll try to find my way down to the Wig & Pen ... I had better remember to transfer the 3-City Road Directory when I get the new car.

Your publican sounds to be a bit of a worry ... not a Pommy ex-patriate who thinks England's evil laws hold sway in the colonies - is he? We had that problem at the first Morpeth Folk Festival, in the Hunter Valley, after the Newcastle venue was damaged by the earthquake. One Pommy publican ordered all singers to shut up or get out ... or he'd lose his licence for allowing unlicenced singing. Everyone drank ... and sang ... and played ... at the other pubs all the rest of the weekend.


Bob Bolton