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Posted By: Abby Sale
01-Apr-03 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: womens role in folk clubs
Subject: RE: womens role in folk clubs
Well, I won't go into sexocalendarological cycles at this time. But next time I go to Blackcatter's club I know who will serve the potato chips and who will introduce singers.   

But I'll tell a nice story. One day in 1966 or 7 the Edin U Folk Soc (revivified now according to the website) decided it ought to elect some officers. I mentioned wistfully that I'd always wanted to be treasurer in primary school but nobody would ever elect me - they just didn't trust me. As it happened, as soon as the next meeting I didn't get to attend, they made me treasurer. (I think it was to spite me.) I can claim that I helped (with the energetic involvement of everyone else) turn the $5 account into many hundreds. We started a concert series which made a very little (on purpose) and a nightly folk show at the Fringe that earned piles no matter what.   That was great - we were able to bring in class acts, put all our best (not me) on stage, pay every folkie in town to do a few songs an drink as much beer as Edinburgh could provide. President Taylor did a marvelous job. There was enough money left over to pay (small amounts) to local singers regularly for the rest of the year at our weekly meetings. Many of those singers happily frequented our meetings and sang for free but we were then able to not only showcase put also a few quid in the pockets of some people who were trying to make it as singers. This great wealth was new and surprising to us all but I'm proud to say I would remind people (no objections by them) that our function was to "support and promote folk music" and we should shift as much as possible to the "non-us" singers. It was a pleasure to be able to. After, of course, a few beers.

But to the best of my rememory, there were only two non-us female singers. One of them played guitar. Lots of women played guitar in Philadelphia and NY and Cambridge (Mass) in the late 50's- early 60's.   Just not as well as the men. Basic strum, wimpy stuff.