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Posted By: GUEST,
01-Apr-03 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: womens role in folk clubs
Subject: RE: womens role in folk clubs
Many have speculated why there seem to be fewer female guitar players in history. It's hard to practice a fiddle or guitar with a baby on your lap, etc, etc.

I (a female) booked the Fo'c'sle in Southampton for 3 years in the 1990's. There seemed, at that time to be more male (white male with guitar) acts to choose from, but I consciously tried to vary the programme. There were also more men asking for floor spots. On singer nights (We were the first to call them "Anything Goes") women were always encouraged to participate. So, it wan't an issue, because all people were valued.

It has been my experience on both sides of the Atlantic that there are often more male musicians, especially in bluegrass. However, I have usually met with encouragement from most places, once they found out that I could sing. Except for those good at singing unaccompanied, it is a bit tricky to be so dependent on others to play the instruments for those who don't play. I wonder if there would be fewer men used to being dependent on others in that way, whereas throughtout history, women have been dependent on men. I have been spending more time practicing guitar lately, now that my children are growing, so I can more easily bring out a new song without worrying about who can back me up.

I guess we should talk about this in another 20 years and ask the next generation of folkies how they view things. A friend of mine's 11 year old girl could not beleive that just a few generation ago, women could be not be any prefession they chose. Things are changing for the better.