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Posted By: JudeL
01-Apr-03 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: womens role in folk clubs
Subject: RE: womens role in folk clubs
Abbey, whilst this is NOT intended as a flame I have to ask "What century are you living in?". Your ideas that "women.. don't have the serious repetoire", that they are (and imply should be) the support people not the organisers in the folk clubs and that "it is better that way" (implication that women should play a subordinate role) leave me flabergasted! I am far from being a militant feminist but that "it is better that way" leaves me wondering why you should have such a totally dismissive attitude the abilities of your fellow women? Do you really believe that women are not as good at handling finances or organising as men? Who do you think have for centuries handled the organisation needed to have an orderly household.... I'll give you a clue.... it ain't the men! If you have ever dealt with squabbling children, you would realise the value of negotiating skills, especially in terms of stating clearly what is and is not expected from each person.

I know this is drifting from the thread a little and I apologise for that but just because something may have been true 40/50 years ago don't mean it still the same today, nor does it mean it should be!