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Posted By: Tyke
30-Mar-03 - 08:07 AM
Thread Name: BBC Closes Folk Show
Subject: RE: BBC Closes Folk Show
It really say's something about BBC the management of the BBC when they can't organises the schedules to maintain popular programmes. Fobbing listeners off with "Henry is looking to refresh this programme to include many of the favourites
that have previously been broadcast on Thursdays." Just won't wash! Over the years the management of the BBC have reduced the length of this regional Folk Programme consistently. It has been interrupted to give out regional!! Important News Flashes like the score at Hulls Ice Rink!

It's not that we are stick in the mud's that can only listen to just one kind of music. I'm certain that none of use want to prevent "RAW TALENT" from being heard on the airwaves. Why should we wish to prevent the BBC from recording new Talent! All we are asking for is that Programmes like Henry's that have been the back bone of Local Radio since it's conception should get more air space. Surely the expertise and dedication of Henry's team deserve better treatment than with no notice termination of their programme and employment.

Things have not changed at the BBC I remember Tony Wilson telling me that at Radio Leeds when the decision to combine Local Radio Folk Programmes came in he was given the job of sacking a man that had been reading out and organising the what's on part of the show for 20 years. No gold watch not thank you for all your years of service! Nothing just you are surplus to requirements.

With all the BBC resources is it so difficult to find space for specialist's programmes like FOLK. After all the world of digital radio transmissions both TV and Radio is here. They're maybe only so many hours in the day! But there is a lot more air space to fill with programming. There is lot's of new talent out their Playing Folk Music that also deserves air space. Established talented professional Traditional Musicians whose music lifts the heart and the standards of the rest of us also deserves a program space.

In short the cancellation of the Folk content part Henry's Real Music Programme is a bad decision by BBC Managers. Write email and complain and don't be fobbed off by their replies. Organise protests at concerts, clubs and Festivals and agitate the BBC management into finding and funding Local/Regional FOLK programmes in their own right. Oh and whilst they are at it they can find space for repeats of past Folk programme highlights.
George Clarke