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Posted By: Folkiedave
28-Mar-03 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: BBC Closes Folk Show
Subject: RE: BBC Closes Folk Show
Standard reply No 2 comes as follows:

" Well - Dave - I don't think I can go into specific audience research with
you but I can certainly confirm your asseretion that the changes have been a
tough call to make.

Obviously, with the programme relayed across four stations - there were four
editors views and four sets of research to consider. The BBC has a rather
democratic approach to all of it's programming - and especially regionally
shared programmes. The decison to switch Raw Talent to a new slot, for
example, was taken only after many options were considered and the opinions
of not only local managers but those of regional executives were sought.

This is purely my gut feeling but I think it's fair to say that 'folk' isn't
off the agenda forever for the local radio netwrok across Yorkshire - just
for the time being. "

I have ignored most of the grammatical and spelling errors, pointed out that I never realised people still said things like "its a tough call to make"; that democracy involved people not just BBC executives; and quoted a whole pile of stuff that shows how the folk audience is affluent - young - and hates its music being taken off air.

Simply to name drop (!!) I am having a meal tomorrow with an ex-BBC executive type and I shall pick his brains. Watch this space.