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Posted By: Tyke
27-Mar-03 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: BBC Closes Folk Show
Subject: RE: BBC Closes Folk Show
The Cancellation of This regional Folk Programme is very bad news. The programme did it's very best to provide an interesting and educational Folk and Root's programme. World music always featured and the recording of Live Music on Folk programme making it fresh and up to the minute

Folk Clubs may not make a fortune but nether are they in debt for Millions like some football clubs. I don't no much about Football but what I do know is that the "Football Clubs" that will no doubt now be featured on the BBC are commercial enterprises. The amount of money that they can obtain to buy better players usually makes a team successful. There success has nothing to do with Local Football skill and Talent! The promotion to national radio coverage by a sports correspondent depends on the amount of "REALY INTERESTING COMMENTATING" that he or she can churn out.

Combining local Folk Music Programmes and providing a service to be broadcast from BBC Local Radio Stations in the North of England, Did make for a Folk Programme that had the cash to provide better coverage of Folk in our region. To say that Henry Ayrtons programme had become an institution in such away as to make it look as if it had never changed over the years is misleading to say the least. There have been many changes over the years not all of them for the best of reasons. Henry and his team have done well to produce such a fine programme. I myself have worked on the programme in the past from BBC Radio Leeds. I didn't do it for the Money! I did not do it for fame! I did put up with a lot from some of the BBC staff at Radio Leeds some however were wonderful. News and Sport got the preferential treatment then as it is doing now. The difference between NEWS and SPORT programmes, when I was at Radio Leeds was, that the recycled real-to-real tape that I had to use for my contributions to Henrys Programme was the waste from the Sports Team. The Sports department then as now had the funding for new tape whilst the Leeds end of the Folk Programme depended on off cuts and previously edited tape.

Protesting the Axing of Folk Roots Music on the Radio and in this case Local Radio may also mean writing not only to Radio Humberside but also all the other Local BBC Radio station Managers in the North of England. They may not have used the Humberside's Programming of Folk music in the past or have a Folk Roots Programme on their Stations transmitter. But they should also get letter of protest so that they realise just how many people want a quality regional programme like the Real Music Show. Then they just might divert some of the money that they have to spend on Live Music on Folk and Roots.
George Clarke