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Posted By: Nathan in Texas
18-Mar-03 - 10:13 AM
Thread Name: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
Subject: RE: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
One point that hasn't been made yet. Folkies are generally people who enjoy and appreciate other cultures. We listen to and applaud music that is sometimes alien and even annoying to those around us (ask my children!). We look upon other cultures as having the right to do things their way, even if their customs include things we personally find objectionable or even repugnant.

How about having the same view of the fundamentalist site linked above. It's a chance to look into the mind of, understand (okay, maybe not understand!), and get a taste of what people outside of our own little circle of friends think and believe in fervently. Would the negative comments and name-calling done above have been there if the site had been a non-christian religion? Sometimes our personal prejudices are too close to us for us to recognize


By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." --Jesus (John 13:31)