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Posted By: Sam L
12-Mar-03 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
Subject: RE: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
The distinction I make is not between believing or believing in something, but merely between believing, and talking about or singing about believing. Those are just different things, that are connected, sometimes, but very unreliably.

I generally don't care too much for the aspect of art that is all about delivering messages. Artists aren't postal workers--well, sometimes, but it's not the point. Artists don't have any particular authority to tell anybody anything, but they can know their own business, words, colors, sounds, elephant dung, or whatever little bits of the world they use, and know the world a little, and draw comparisons about things from what they discover by playing with that stuff. And they can be more or less convincing to you or me, or not.

   I have my doubts whether people who think you need to believe what you sing to "put it across" could reliably pass the pepsi challenge by listening to singers whose convictions they don't know. And I promise I can sing things I do believe wholeheartedly and still be utterly unconvincing--it doesn't make me a better singer. I think people can be inspired by their beliefs, and try harder, care more, and do better, but it's not magic, or extra credit. It's just art.