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Posted By: Bill D
11-Mar-03 - 11:51 AM
Thread Name: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
Subject: RE: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
well, I went to bed about post 17 or so, and it is fascinating what has happened thru the 'night'...

the clearest 'short' expression of what I think was Willie-Os comment...
"I don't have to believe what I'm singing. I only have to believe that the person who wrote it believed it!".....if the song moved someone, and I like the musicality (am I coining a word?), then I can sing the song with them.

I cannot, though sing some of the modern 'hymns' I hear (briefly) on TV on places like the PTL network...(they even offend that fellow who did that web page).

But, Jerry, I would sure sing some with you, if I knew them! It is a rather uplifting feeling to not be judged, and to to feel like I am trusted and accepted for what I am, rather than what I believe or don't believe. Songs...especially well-crafted songs...celebrate feelings and document humanity, and help us gain perspective about it all.....yes, I would sing "Blackleg Miner", but I would be careful WHERE I sing it, and would explain that I sing it BECAUSE it is a powerful song, not because I take a position on it.

I sing several of the Orange/Green Irish songs, including one called "One Sunday Morning" that I use as an example of powerful music gone wrong.

At memorial services for my mother-in-law a few years ago, I stood and sang "Only Remembered" and "Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown" with tears running down my cheeks, because they represented her. It was good to attend a service for someone, feeling like they would have enjoyed it if they were watching...whether *I* believed they were or not.

I have enjoyed reading all these comments, and I know exactly what greg stephens means about not "havent a clue what I was singing about"..but lost in the 'feeling' anyway.