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Posted By: PeteBoom
11-Mar-03 - 10:58 AM
Thread Name: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
Subject: RE: Do you need to *believe* what you sing?
Reflecting a bit on Jerry's GREAT post (kudos btw) - a large number of non-Christians I know, including athiests, demonstrate "Christian" values in their life far better than a fair number of self-proclaimed "Christians." Having been told to my face that I am NOT a Christian, that I AM a "devil worshiping Papist", I expressed thanks to that person. Then told them I'd pray for them and asked them to pray for me (ya should-da seen 'em turn PURPLE - I thought they were goin' to bust a vein!) 8^)

An awful lot of folks have talked about how most music does not "require" believing for you to sing it. If there is a song with a "message" that I don't agree with or do not embrace, then the question goes back to what I said before - am I presenting this song to others (the audience) who may or do agree or am I singing the song for myself or in a song-circle? In one instance, I would sing it, no problem - if the song has basic merits in its own right. In the other instance, probably not.