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Posted By: open mike
03-Mar-03 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: 'Funeral home' songs
Subject: Lyr Add: DOWN TO A RIVER (Connie Kaldor)
This one was quite a comfort to me, as my parents both passed within a week of each other. I was able to plant a tree (an apple) at the time of my father's death, and tell mother about it, so she knew about it before she died. This was at Easter time, 2002.

DOWN TO A RIVER by Connie Kaldor (on the CD Small Café)

There are dinners; there is music,
There is laughter, there were tears,
There are memories that go back
Over the years,
There are the marks made in a life
Like only good friends do,
Now I must choose to make a mark,
For the things I loved in you,

CHORUS: I'll go down to a river, and plant a tree,
Something strong, wild and living,
Those are my memories,
And I'll go up to a mountain, and sing to the stars,
Can you hear me? Wherever you are.

And there's phone calls and there's crying
And there's clutching to the chest,
Ant there's singing songs and throwing dirt,
And laying down to rest,
And there's carving words on stone,
And making church bells ring,
But the river when it freezes over,
Still thaws and runs each spring. CHORUS

Do you hear the ones who loved you,
And were glad they knew you well,
Do the hearts you left that miss you,
Ring like a bell?

I also have been helped by the song which I first heard sung by Greg Brown and Kate Mackenzie on Prairie Home Companion: GIVE ME THE ROSES WHILE I LIVE, a song apparently attributed to the Carter Family, and possibly written by R. H. Cornelius. It is probably in the DT. If not I will put it there.