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Posted By: Rick Fielding
26-Jun-99 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: Thanx to Sandy Paton
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
Rick Impersonating Sandy Right Now.

stage direction: Rugged, multi-pocketed vest and cap wearing man (played by Rip Torn) gallumphs up stairs into computer room (after visit to bathroom) and sits down in swivel chair. Checks out folk music air-play on DJ sites..

Sandy: "Hmmm, Ani DiFranco, Ani Di Franco, Ani DiFranco, Ani Di...oops, what's this? Gordon Bok? Way to go, Gordo, it's a revival! Ani DiFranco, Ani Di....BOB DYLAN!???!"
turns off DJ lists in disgust. Goes to Mudcat in hopes someone will have need of 3rd line in 79th verse of "Tam Lin", sees "Thanx Sandy Patton" thread. Prays that spelling means that it's NOT HIM! Discovers to his horror that it IS HIM!. Tries to discard natural modesty, but can't do it.
Sandy: Glmphhh, Mmmblll, !@#%^& "maybe the damn thing will go away."

It will. But not for a while.