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Posted By: Charley Noble
27-Feb-03 - 11:35 AM
Thread Name: 'Funeral home' songs
Subject: RE: 'Funeral home' songs
Such songs really need to complement the life and spirit of the deceased, sometimes not an easy choice.

Bob Franke's song "Thanksgiving Eve" was appropriate for the funeral of a young teenager who died too soon. Don't think "Isn't It Grand" would have worked as well, but it probably would work for my father who's approaching 98.

For our old friend and folksinger Bill Bonyun we heard "The Welcome Song," "The Massa of the Sheepfold," and "Get Up, Jack, John Sit Down" but we had a wide range of choice for Bill.

I do wonder what the funeral directors sing among themselves at their meetings. Maybe something like this from "Jones' Ale":

The next came in was a mortician.
And he was in sorry condition,
Yes, he was in sorry condition,
For to join in the jovial crew,
And he flung out his arms and cried,
"If no one in town soon died,
I'll have to consider suicide!"

When Jones's Ale was new, me boys,
When Jones's Ale was new!

Charley Noble