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Posted By: Rick Fielding
25-Jun-99 - 09:45 PM
Thread Name: Thanx to Sandy Paton
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Paton
FINALLY! A Sandy Paton thread that the modest man himself can do nothing to get rid of.
Thank you Sandy Paton for so many wonderful things you helped bring into my life!
In no particular order (save the first one)
1. Caroline Paton
2. Folk-Legacy's library
3. Folk-Legacy's record collection
4. Folk-Legacy's ethics
5. Joe Hickerson and Jerry Rasmussen
6. Your true stories
7. All the good folks you introduced me to
8. Your sense of humour and appreciation of irony
9. The first album I've ever done that I LIKED!
10. Thanks for believing in my work when I had become very cynical about the music business and whether I wanted to be part of it anymore. You showed me an alternative road that has been very rewarding. (no money jokes!)
I love you Sandy...get to a hundred, like your dad. OK?