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Posted By: weerover
23-Feb-03 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Anthony Riley (Fryman/Fisher)
Subject: Lyr Add: ANTHONY RILEY (Fisher/Fryman)
Here it is as I remember from the singing of John Watt:

As I made my way down the street to the colliery
As I to my work was a-making my way
I heard the sad news, and I heard the men talking
Young Anthony Reilly has worked his last day

And old Emlyn Williams lies dead in the fan-house
The roof has caved in and the sides they gave way
It'll be in the papers, splashed over the headlines
What a big coup the newshounds will pocket today

Willing hands to the rescue of poor stricken comrades
To move the big rocks and discover their fate
Upon the next payday there'll be a collection
Not a newspaper owner will be there to donate

It's in the newspapers, splashed over the headlines
A capital story upon the front page
But there's blood on the girders in the old Parker fan-house
And weeping dependents go with the cortege

When the coal merchant calls and you pay your good money
Count well the bags as he lays them aside
You'll be counting the cuts and the knocks and the bruises
You'll be counting the lives of the men who have died