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Posted By: GUEST,JSG
20-Feb-03 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: Using a music stand
Subject: RE: Using a music stand

I would like to add my 2 cents to this thread. I am one of those amateur performers out there that use a music stand during a concert or open mic. And I have been told a few times by fellow musicians, "Lose the music stand, when you sing a song in a concert". So I grin and took their opinion. And sometimes, I would tell them, "I like using the music stand, and it helps me if I lose my place in a song."

Now, I agree with some people in this thread, that singing with the lyrics in front of you takes away the air of the song. When you know the song off by heart, you put a lot of heart and soul into the song you are singing.

When I started to play in public, I had a very bad habit of reading my music. It took away from the song, and didn't sound good. It was because I had very bad stage fright, and I always forgot the words to a song. It was just a mental block. So it was great to have my music stand with me, and I could sing my song.

Well, after a number of concerts behind me, my confidence was starting to build. I still took my music stand to a concert. Before I go up on stage, I kept telling myself to stop looking at the lyrics while I am playing. Only look at the lyrics if I forgot my place in a song. I am taking it one step at a time, but eventually I will stop using the music stand all together. I don't think I am ready to lose the music stand at this time.

To all those amateur musicians like myself. Take the music stand with you to a concert. Don't listen to the other fellow musicians out there that say, "Lose the music stand". Whatever makes you feel comfortable. And if you think that someday won't need it, and then don't use it. It is entirely up to you.

Anyway, that my 2 cents worth on this discussion.