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15-Feb-03 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Report from NYC event Feb 15th
Subject: Report from NYC event Feb 15th
The estimates from police on the scene - not official, is that the estimate of 150,000 was less than half the crowd ... there was more than twice that. The city caused much distress. Though there was plenty of room on 1st Avenue, and that avenue was closed, small groups were kept blocks away from at least third avenue to possibly Lexington In these side blockades we were pinned inside, under the claim there was not enough room on 1st avenue for us, an avenue which leads right up to the Bronx. Where I was, after perhaps a half hour of being penned in, Genie and I at the police line, a metal barricade, trying to keep peace with the angry cold people, the cops suddenly noticed that one of the women in the crowd had a light pine stick on her sign, They grabbed her and the sign, and began to rough her up, at that, the crowd behind me surged forward, knocking Genie and I and a crippled woman down, as the barricades fell, in this way we wound up on 1st Avenue when the crowd took the street. I met others who reported worse events where police horses injured folks and police clubs did as well. I will report more when the TV reports come in.
Peace in our time